Can I just order a one time cookie kit?

Yes, there is an option for a one time purchase. There are discounts for multiple months. 

When will I receive my box?

Your box will ship during the 3rd week of the month

When do the cookies/icing expire?

Decorate the cookies within a few days of receiving your box. While the decorated cookies will stay for a few weeks when properly sealed, the icing has no stabilizer and will therefore continue to separate as it sits. 

Can I still order a single cookie kit for pick up at the holidays or for birthday parties? 

Yes! Cookie kits that are delivered with a subscription will have a generic theme that appeal to everyone. I am still accepting custom cookie kit orders.

Does the icing need to be stored in the fridge? 

No! Do not refrigerate any ingredients.

Can I return my box? 

Unfortunately there are no returns on the subscriptions boxes. 

Is there a 12 month subscription?

Not at this time. There will be no cookie box deliveries during July and August. If you order a box and it rolls into those summer months you will not receive one in July or August, it will arrive in September.

Is there an option for a cookie decorating lesson? 

Included in your subscription every month is a free tutorial on my YouTube channel Steph's Sweets: One Tough Cookie

Can you ship to me? 

I am currently only allowed to ship within New York State